Monday, September 26, 2016

The Mystery Date game has always been my favourite childhood board game.  Just thinking about it takes me back to those carefree and innocent days of wondering what it would be like to kiss a boy or have a boyfriend. The world is your oyster and you dream of amazing romantic scenario's and repeat them in your head over and over, wishing and hoping that all you have seen and heard about being in love was true and you patiently wait to come of age and your knight in shining armour to appear and take you away to live happily ever after. Who hasn't felt that little pang of excitement and have their heart miss a beat watching an old romance movie?  Everything is new and yet to be discovered, where once I thought boys were yuck I found that by the time I was around 12 years old I was aware that they weren't so bad after all.  And of course had a big crush on quite a few of my school friends.  I was very shy and if a boy I liked even spoke to me I would turn into a crazy bowl of jelly and say something totally inappropriate like "Baby" in "Dirty Dancing" when she blurted out, "I carried a water melon!" Yep that was me and of course afterwards I would imagine the whole scene over again and I would say something totally cool!!

My "Nanna" always used to say something when I was a girl that I didn't really understand at the time?  "Youth is wasted on the young", I somehow thought she meant kids are a waste of time.  In reality it just meant that she wished she had the knowledge as an adult back when she was a child and enjoy the freedom and carefree spirit of her childhood and not be in such a hurry to be a grown-up.  As a teenager I couldn't wait to be officially a woman, able to go out, have a curfew, have my first alcoholic drink or have a boyfriend and as I thought more FREEDOM!!  In reality and I don't want to ruin anyone's dreams, it just isn't like they portray it on television!!  Life isn't always a fairytale and you don't always have a happy ending, no, it can be hard, it can be beautiful too, but relationships are complex and a work in progress and I'm not just talking about our husbands, boyfriends or partner's but all relationships. As adults we just have more things to take care of, to worry about, to do and it can be complicated. When I truly think about it even though I too was in a hurry to grow up, being a child was a walk in the park in comparison, I just didn't know it back then.  

I believe that every stage of our existence is a triumph and I am always in awe of that wonderful feeling I get when I discover something new or experience something magnificent. To be at peace with yourself gives you freedom and happiness and no matter what is going on in your life you can get through it, survive and live the life of your dreams.  Even though I have said in my statement earlier that things aren't how they are portrayed in movie's,(they still aren't!)  it is possible to be happy, joyful and contented and you can have that fairytale!!  The only difference is that YOU have to make it happen, it won't just land in your lap while you are waiting, you have to work hard for it and go for it!!  Nope, no knight in shining armour is coming to find you and take you away and marry you, NO, not before you find him and get to know him first!!

Aaaah back to the days of "Mystery Date" where I thought my first true love was behind the door and that one day my prince would arrive to take me to an enchanted land to live happily ever after.  What an amazing time it was, a snapshot in time, a blast from the past, dreams of a girl not yet a woman, all in one little board game, "Mystery Date"! I am off to play my game now and reminisce........

Sally xx

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