Friday, November 16, 2012

Last year's Christmas Tree!

I have new decorations for the tree this year.  I bought them in Edinburgh Scotland in a quaint little Christmas shop this past January and I can't wait to see them all hanging beautifully on my tree this year!  So watch this space for all the gorgeous piccies not too far away!!  Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's that time of year again!!

It is nearly that time of the year again!  It only seems like a few weeks ago that it was last Christmas!  Maybe it has gone very fast because I went overseas just after Christmas last year and didn't arrive back in Australia until February.  I had an amazing time in the UK, travelled over 2,000 km including Scotland and most of England.  Then had a week in Paris before flying home.  Anyway looks like I will be getting the tree out of the garage this weekend so it is ready to be decorated.  I am cleaning out the garage as it happens so it will be a good time to bring it in the house.

Christmas is a magical time and memories of holidays as a child fill my thoughts and I shed a few tears. "Holiday Inn", and "White Christmas" can quite efficiently put a very big lump in my throat and produce copious amounts of tears, we used to sit down after tea as a family and watch the television on Christmas Eve and both films were on.   My mum used to make every Christmas special and I miss her very much and helping her in the preparations and baking on "Christmas Eve".  I try to carry on the same traditions that I learnt from her and my grandmother and the familiarity of doing this always makes me feel good.  I may not have my parents in the physical sense, but I feel their presence very strongly especially during the Christmas holidays.  I bake "Mince Pies" using my Grandmother's shortcrust pastry recipe and my Mum's Mincemeat recipe for the filling and it gives me so much joy in my heart recreating a family favourite from days gone by and just as much happiness eating them, heehee!! And of course I am passing on these very same traditions to my children and grandchildren for them to remember and enjoy and pass on too.

Life is exactly this, family, love, joy and happy memories!  Live like there is no tomorrow, don't waste a moment, follow your heart and make your dreams come true.  We all have a choice to live fully and not miss a moment, once that moment is gone you can never have it back. So it makes sense to be happy and enjoy every second!  I hope your preparations are all going well too.  Come and visit my page in a week or two and I will have photos of our "Christmas Tree" and decorations.  Till then x

~Angel Blessings~