Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fairies Do Exist!

I believe in Fairies, do you?  It is said that to attract them to your home you need to make them welcome!  In my kitchen I truly believe they visit, I leave water in a miniature cup and some bread and many times I awake to find it is gone. They also like "Honey, Milk and Nectar" so I have been told. I am very careful to never leave knives out on the bench and to clean the bench tops and not leave dirty dishes because they don't like that at all!! So it is very important to keep your kitchen clean!

Some fairies love the garden and appreciate a place prepared for them among the sweet-smelling flowers and shrubs. Building a fairy cottage and placing it in the garden will attract them to visit and play and while they are there they will attend to the garden and sprinkle fairy dust wherever they go.  Fairies love fresh flowers and laughter, this attracts them.  Fairies especially love to dance.  Fairies most favourite places they frequent are, islands, under toadstools, where streams divide and border hedges. Have you seen a ripple in the water or felt a sudden chill?  Fairies are nearby!  Music, Jingles and bells attract them, so have a few wind chimes and bells in your garden.  They often play melodies that are haunting and wistful.

The disappearance of small objects in your home is a big clue to their presence and that they visit you, even if it is a little annoying when you can't find something! I often say it's gone with the fairies! Maybe you have fairies visit you and if not why not try some of the few little tips I have provided for you~ smile~   I absolutely love the "Flower Fairies" and for your viewing pleasure added some of "Cicely Mary Barker's" beautiful illustrations below.  I have a gorgeous set of 100 postcards with every one of her drawings and have added several to white decorative frames to hang on the walls in my home, please sit back and enjoy!


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