Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Certified Angel Card Reader"

The past few weeks for me have been incredible.  It has been a time of learning, growth and understanding.  I am currently halfway through a course with "Doreen Virtue" and "Radleigh Valentine" to become a"Certified Angel Card Reader" and have increased my intuitive power to accurately and with love do card readings.  I have always been aware of my connection with the "Angels" and for a long time ignored the messages I received, but now I see it is a gift to be shared to help others and not a burden in any way. I embrace it now and learn as much as I can to enhance this wonderful blessing.  And it truly is a blessing, one of insight, awareness and being able to read a situation or people intuitively and relay valuable messages from their "Angel and Guides" to help them. I often have prophetic type dreams and even though they sometimes can be confusing, usually the message I need to hear is revealed to me in time.

The cards that I am using are the "Angel Tarot Cards"

I usually do readings with oracle cards so using the Tarot is new for me.
I feel very drawn to these cards as they express how I would describe
the messages I receive in my own words.  I do use the oracle cards combined
in readings and this is working very well.  I have learnt a lot about "Tarot"
and I am now confident using them and interpreting the cards I draw. It
has been a great experience doing this course and meeting other "Angel
Card Readers" and hearing their stories and advice, especially Doreen
and Radleigh who are amazing people and I am so happy that I have had
the chance to get to know them, it has been a journey, a beautiful enlightening
spiritual journey developing what has always been a part of who I am.  I only
have one more class and then I will be certified and will display my badge on
my blog pages. And then will offer "Angel Card Readings". All the details will be
on my blog so be quick to take advantage of my offer, which will include a special
gift for my first 10 client's.

~Angelic Blessings~

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