Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Fairies' Tea Blog Party~

Welcome to everyone attending the "Fairy Tea", please make yourself at home, grab yourself a cupcake and a lovely cup of tea and stay awhile! Don't forget to comment and follow my blog and have chance to win a beautiful set of craft butterflies!  Fairies love "Butterflies" so it seemed fitting as a lovely gift from us to you, please enjoy!~

Hi, I'm 'Zorro" and I have been helping with the party, I am waiting for the guests of honour to arrive!!

I have chosen a beeeeeooooootiful chair for the "Fairy Queen" to sit in when 
she arrives!

Help yourself to a cup of tea, the fairies are here and they would
love to meet you!

The Fairy Queen has arrived, she is so pretty, all of the fairies are excited
to see her and are gathering all around, please join us!

Fairy Blossom, Fairy Bluebell and Fairy Iris are having some tea and
cake, we have room for you too!

Tinkerbell has had so many cupcakes she is resting awhile, with her magic
wand she sprinkles "Pixie Dust" over everyone and everything!!

The Fairy Lights are glowing, the candles are burning brightly,
this is a magical time!

Our animal friends are here and playing cards with us, would
you like to play?

A "Dragon Fly" who incidentally bought one of the fairies here is having a
cupcake too!

We picked some strawberries especially for our guests, please have

Fairy Blossom is so happy you are here!!

Shhhhhhhhhh, Fae Baby Molly is asleep, she has had so much fun!

Hi there, my name is Fairy Adorabella, how are you? Are you having
fun, I am so glad you came, please invite your friends so they can join
in the fun too!  I just love parties!!

Thankyou so much for coming, please comment about your experience
here and follow my blog to be in the draw to win the craft butterflies
below, have a wonderful day!! I will announce the winner on the 24th
of September, bye for now~ xx

Lovely to meet you!!


  1. A perfectly magical tea party! Fae Baby Molly is adorable and must have had such fun! One can only party so much before a nap is needed :)

  2. Such a lovely tea party! Love Baby Molly - and of course, Tinkerbell - my favorite fairy. Thank you for this gorgeous post.

  3. ´*•.¸(´*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´
    ♥♫•. faerie wishes*.•♫♥
    to you and faerie molly she has to be the cutest faerie ever... Hugs Wendy

  4. What a beautiful tea party! I am stunned at the amount of effort you have put into this. The pictures are amazing!

    *pours another cuppa*


  5. Oh Sally what a sweet party!! you put so much lovely detail into it! Yes please add my name for a chance to win the butterflies!
    And thank you so much for dropping by my tea party too! it was so nice meeting you! :)

  6. Absolutely adorable! I love the sparkly dragonflies and fairy dust floating around.

  7. It looks like you had a perfect party! I enjoyed my visit and hope you get a chance to stop by my tea - it would be lovely to have you! xo

  8. Oh yummy strawberries for tea, how perfect for the fairy party and dragonfly fairy cakes too. It's been a magical time.

    J x

  9. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments, I must admit I had a great time myself setting everything up and taking photos and really my puppy "Zorro" loved it so much, he sat on my wicker chair and watched the proceedings with great interest. I will announce the winner in a few days instead of today, so more people can be in the draw~

    Blessings to you all xx

  10. What a partay! Fairies are everywhere!!

  11. Such a lovely and magical teal party! I discovered the party too late to attend, but am browsing through the participants blogs. I look forward to seeing more of your posts :-)

  12. I don't know how I missed commenting yesterday. You've done a beautiful job with the Fairies' Tea. The music is delightful!

  13. Sally-Anne, You are the winner of my Fairy Journal! Thank you for joining me for the Fairies Tea. Your presence was just delightful as well as your Fairy Tea. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Come by for Tea anytime, I am always happy to share!

    Please email me your address so I can get your "prezzie" in the mail to you soon! I love your butterflies and all things with wings! :)

    Stay Inspired!
    Kim / Imgirl

  14. I am late but still loving the party, soooo cute and pretty, love the fairy lights and the dragonfly cupcake!

  15. You had such a lovely party! Your doggie looks like my doggie; mine is a Maltipoo named Libby.

    YOU ARE A WINNER of my prize I gave away on the Fairies' Tea Party. Please email me with your postal address and I shall send you your prize! I will email you also about your winning.

    Thanks for a lovely party!

  16. Lady Amythyst: I cannot find your email address. Are you on IA as a team member? If so, I don't have your "badge"... my email add is nmccarroll at Q dot com (The Q as in queen)