Friday, September 21, 2012

The Fairies in the Forest are coming to the "Fairy Tea"


Fairies in far off lands have heard of the "Fairy Tea" in their honour and are preparing to leave the forests and gardens to attend.

They come with the birds that fly, the wings of a butterfly, the insects that buzz and the animals so fast!

Their journey will soon be at an end at last, finally here to join in the fun, play the games, share the tea and eat their fill of everything sweet!

The deer and the Squirrel will be their friends!

By the cover of dark they move through the night guided by the stars as they glisten in the sky so bright!

Please join us on the 23/09/12 for the "Fairies' Tea Blog Party! There will be giveaways on the day and all you need to do to be in the running to win is to comment on my blog on the day of the party and follow my blog and the winner will be announced soon after.  Did I mention that one of the giveaways is the decorations below, the beautiful craft butterflies!

See you soon! x

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