Monday, September 26, 2016

Beautiful "Old Country Roses" "Chintz Collection" by Royal Albert, a gorgeous variation of the more common "Old Country Roses", very pretty, would love a dinner set of this design ~sigh~

"Moonlight Roses" by Royal Albert, a gorgeous collection~

Three cups and saucers that belonged to my Mum (dec), I love them, there were three other colours but they were broken, would one day love to finding the matching ones to complete the set. 

"Happy Spring" Everyone!

Everything that you desire is attainable, yes it is!  We all have dreams and would do anything to make them happen and that is the truth.  Are you a person who makes them come true, do you actively and with everything within you "Go for it"!  A lot of people think that there are those who are lucky and good things always happen to them and it just doesn't happen to me.  Maybe there are a small percentage of people who seem to have everything they hope and wish for served up on a platter, but the majority of us have to work harder to make things possible.  After all for most of us it isn't going to just land in your lap unless you are one of the small percentage lol!

Who remembers watching the "Disneyland" movies and going off into a fantasy world of happily ever afters, beautiful princesses, Knights in shining armour and magnificent castles and your every dream a reality.  Yes it was a magical time and the butterflies I felt at what one day could be my life and destiny was overwhelming.  But, wait, someone forgot to tell me that life isn't like that really! We have to create and make our dreams come true, by hard work, planning and never ever giving up! Life truly is a journey and we are responsible for making it one we are happy with.  If today you find yourself living a life you don't like, then you have to change it, no one will do it for you.

Don't sit back and watch other people living their lives and making their dreams come true and feeling hard done by or sorry for yourself.  Honour and love the person who is you and when you get to know who you are and what it is that you most desire, hope and wish for, make a plan to make it happen.  Everything you need is within you and has always been. Love and relationships can come and go but the one person that you are stuck with for the rest of your life is YOU!  Start having an intimate relationship with yourself!  Many years ago I was existing and I really didn't know what I wanted from life and my hope and wish was for someone to rescue me from whatever it was that wasn't working for me.  But that was a mistake to put my happiness in the hands of someone else, what I needed was to love myself, to accept everything about me, the good and the bad.  With acceptance comes a peace and understanding that surpasses everything. And for me it changed my life completely.

I took ownership of my life and changed my thought patterns from the negative ones that were no longer serving me to positive.  To truly believe that everything I had experienced thus far in my journey had made me the person I am today. To rid myself of the belief that everyone else's life was perfect except mine and that pain, heartache and sadness was all I deserved.  My life isn't some fairytale I believed in as a child, no, something much, much better.  A journey of self discovery, learning new things, happiness, sadness, joy and laughter.  That is normal and my life is filled with love, good times and sometimes challenging, sad and difficult times. This is my reality and it is just as exciting and exhilarating as any fairy tale and especially so because I chose my path, I choose to make my dreams come true, I choose life!

If you are feeling confused and not able to make decisions, always doubting yourself, second guessing, changing your mind, I say to you, and with love "Find Yourself", when you do I assure you that life will change for you, your path will be clearer and your journey will become joyful. We often make statements that, "If I get to do this", or "This happens", then I will be happy. Don't wait, find the contentment and happiness in the "Right Now"!   Finding out who you are and going for your dreams isn't a promise of a perfect life but a life where no matter what happens along the way you chose it. Remembering who you are and what you need to survive will comfort you.  The joy, peace, love, acceptance and understanding within you makes this possible. Live, Laugh and Love always!!


Ghostly Adventures!

Its hard to show the orbs in the one taken by me looking up the stairs, anyway when you zoom in you can see faces, yes you can I am not kidding.  This was going into "Dover Castle" and then in the "Throne Room", I have sent the photos to "Haunted Kent" and they will put them on their website.  In the Throne room if you zoom into the room behind the throne you can see a ghostly figure, I nearly gave myself a fright when I focused and saw it, I believe in the Spirit world so it is of no surprise they exist.  Fascinating stuff. Enjoy!

Reborn Doll kit, before and after!

This is a Reborn Doll kit before and after!

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

I have a new Sewing and Embroidery machine, its a "Brother, Innovis 1200" and I am so excited to start some projects that need some embroidery.  Its been a long time coming and I have wanted a machine like this for as long as I remember.  It is a beautiful shade of mauve on the top, one of my favourite colours, but jokes aside, it is a great machine.  The RRP is $2,229.00 but today in our local Spotlight store they had this one for $799.00 a steal at that price, and it was the only one left. Apparently they wont be stocking any machines over $1000.00 anymore and that is why they had been marked down, lucky me is what I thought!  I went to buy a box of threads and couldnt believe the price of a box of 40 Brother ones, $220, shock horror, anyways there must be conversion charts out there to use the cheaper brands, so I will go in search of the answers.  And next time I come into Blogger world I will have completed my first little embroidery and I will show everyone.  Cool hey! Bye for now.

Brothers Threads

I purchased a pack of 40 Brother Embroidery Threads today and because they were so expensive I thought I would dedicate my blog today in their honour, hehe only kidding.  I did get 20 per cent off so that was a unexpected bonus.  Anyway I am going to make my own conversion chart with the cheaper brand and save some money, but I am very excited to start sewing! Here are a few photos, so pretty and colourful! Have a lovely day peoples.

Parisian Charm

Vintage Parisian Images, Beautiful!